Mobile broadband providers

Find out about broadband on the go with ‘go broadband’. This blog plans to provide advice and buying guides on mobile broadband. Their aren’t actually that many mobile internet offerings to go round in the UK at this time.

Whether you choose to go with T-mobile, 3 or Vodafone, connecting to the internet via a mobile dongle (or USB stick) is a cost effective and allows you the flexibility to access your email or surf the web from anywhere with a good mobile reception.

Due to technical and bandwidth constraints of mobile phone cdata connections, the actual connection speeds might not be as high as you might hope.

Mobile broadband is cost effective because it allows you to maintain a broadband connection contract without the need for a BT telephone line.

In practise this means you can move from one rented new flat without getting a stonking telephone bill. If you live your life through your mobile phone, why would you need a BT landline anyway?

Mobile broadband UK providers

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