How does mobile broadband work?

Mobile broadband is based on 3G technology. It allows a mobile phone system to transfers data, e-mail streaming video over a mobile phone connection.

Once you are on the Internet, the broadband experience is very similar to a normal landline based broadband connection. The only difference is the broadband connection can be slightly slower, but, you can access the Internet from anywhere you can receive a mobile phone reception.

Mobile broadband = broadband on the move

Mobile broadband differs from wifi in that you do not need to be close to a wireless network – wifi networks often don’t reach distances of over 100 m.

3G technology allows for a long-range Internet connection covering 10 km or more and allows the user to be on the go – walking, on the train or bus. A competitor of 3G is WiMax. WiMax will provide broadband connections in the future but for now mobile broadband is best solution for most users.