What is a mobile broadband dongle?

The term dongle has traditionally referred to any USB device. However, when the mobile broadband provider – Three – launched its mobile internet service using a USB stick, the term mobile dongle was born.

Mobile broadband dongles function as portable modems. Mobile broadband dongles can also be called mobile USB sticks and USB modems. To make things more complicated there are other ways of getting onto the Mobile internet – these include: mobile data cards, mobile phones acting as a data modem and a new generation of 3G laptops that have mobile broadband connectivity built into them.

Mobile broadband dongle can be used with a laptop or desktop

A broadband dongle connects to a computer to the internet by plugging into the USB port of laptop or desktop computer. In turn the broadband dongle will connect to the internet by creating a mobile connections with mobile phone masts (much like your mobile phone does when you make a call). You will be able to access the internet wherever you can find a mobile phone reception. The speed of the broadband connection runs inline with the strength of mobile reception than can be received. Mobile broadband speeds can be up to 3G standards.

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