What is mobile broadband?

Just what is mobile broadband?

According to t-mobile, Mobile broadband is a “computer Internet access without a landline.”

According to the mobile provider – Three – it is “broadband without wires, hotspots or contracts“. Even with the marketing spin, I think Three have got it pretty close there. Mobile broadband is…

Broadband without wires – you just plug in a mobile dongle to your laptop or notebook and you are free to get surfing on the mobile internet.

Broadband without hotspots – you don’t need to be near a wireless router or wifi hotspot. Rather than using a traditional wireless broadband connection, your mobile dongle will connect you to the internet via a mobile phone network. As a result, you can get a connection to the internet wherever you can get mobile reception – pretty much anywhere.

Broadband without contracts – Some of the mobile broadband providers are contract free. Instead, they offer pay as you go broadband services. This allows you to chop and change provider and test out whether you need a traditional land-line broadband connection.

Ditch your BT landline

In the past you will have been used to the requirement of BT land line to access the Internet. Now with mobile broadband you cannot need a land line. Instead, you access the Internet over a mobile phone connection provided by mobile phone provider – such as Vodafone, three, orange, T-mobile and o2. To connect to the mobile internet through the air.

This allows you to ditch your BT land line, saving yourself £10 a month, and instead put that the money into a mobile broadband connection. A mobile broadband contract is perfect those users that do not need a fixed line such as those in rented accommodation or student halls.

The great thing with mobile broadband is that because it uses a mobile phone network you can connect to the Internet from anywhere you can receive a mobile phone connection – e.g. pretty much anywhere. The only real difference with a mobile phone and a mobile broadband connection is rather than making a voice call your connection transfers data.

Our advice, compare mobile broadband, and join the mobile revolution.