Wifi broadband guide

Wi-fi, wireless fidelity, Wireless broadband or, wireless network, simply means broadband without wires.

Wifi makes life easier because there are no wireless or phone lines. Once a wireless network is established any number of computers can share an Internet connection. It doesn’t matter whether those computers are upstairs, next door or in the garden – they will all be able to access the internet over a shared wireless broadband connection.

This tall guide will quickly run through what a wireless or wifi network is, how the network works, and what you need to do to connect a wifi a network.

Wifi drawbacks.

However wifi broadband does have its drawbacks – information and wifi network can work over short distances and a device (normally a router) needs to access the Internet directly.

Mobile broadband – a broadband connection via a mobile phone network – is very similar to a wifi network but it does not require the user to be near a wifi network all have a username password on that network. Instead the user connects to the Internet via the mobile phone network and their connection is not shared.

Wifi broadband providers

The following companies provide wifi services:

T-mobile probably offer the best deal. If you sign-up to a T-mobile mobile broadband contract then go get free access to their wifi network – and the Tmobile network is pretty much everywhere (For instance, I think they provide the wifi connections in Starbucks and most airports and train stations).

Another option is to sign-up to o2 or BT, both have good network coverage