o2 mobile broadband

O2 broadband - stay connected wherever you are

O2 broadband - stay connected wherever you are

The mobile phone provider – O2 – now provider a mobile broadband service. Much like their landline based broadband products, O2 mobile broadband will prove to be popular because it offers, simple clutter-free pricing and a solid broadband service.

O2 appears to have its sights set on the business community (much as with its mobile phones) but also offers normal mobile broadband for the rest of us.


You can purchase O2’s mobile broadband product via the O2 website. Just click on their broadband link, and once you are on the broadband page, look for the O2 mobile broadband link.

O2 mobile broadband

O2 have two mobile broadband packages:

  1. Mobile broadband for business use – from £17 per month
  2. Mobile broadband for personal use (the rest of us) – from £20 per month