Broadband for mac

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If you are looking for broadband for your mac laptop or computer then you will soon be able to find the answer at broadband4mac and broadband for mac

These two mac broadband only websites will be focusing solely on the best broadband providers in the UK. They’ll be researching the broadband market-place and compare the best broadband deals available. I’ll keep you posted.

The power of VoIP

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One of the best things about Broadband is the fact that it has so much more capability to carry large volumes of data then the old 56K dial-up internet connections. So much so that you can surf the internet and make telephone calls at the same time.

However, in the past 18-24 months things have got even better – you can now make phone calls via your computer and broadband connection to anybody, anywhere in the World for !FREE! Such is the power of VoIP. read on ….

VoIP o r Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows for the transmission of voice conversations over the broadband internet, or a similar network. Using an Internet connection to make phone calls has a number of advantages – firstly, you avoid using a landline or network and therefore avoid paying costly service charges and/or line rental, effectively allowing you to make ‘free’ calls.

For other Broadband Glossary terms see:

Another benefit of not having to use a network or landline is that there is no problem with signal strength as such, as an Internet connection – any connection – effectively functions as the phone’s ’signal’. This means that voice calls are generally clearer and are of a better quality, although this is entirely dependent upon the strength of the connection.

This also allows for greater mobility abroad, as any Internet connection will allow you to make and receive incoming calls for no additional cost, ‘roaming’ charges. Most VoIP phones include features such as voicemail, call waiting and three-way calling, features that traditional mobile network providers usually charge for.

Since VoIP technology uses the Internet to transmit information, more and more VoIP handsets come with services which allow users to use Instant Messenger services such as MSN, AIM, GoogleTalk and Skype. There are an increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled hotspots in urban areas in which VoIP users can make full use of their phone’s functions.

Since VoIP technology relies on an Internet connection, this too, has its drawbacks. The quality and clarity of a phone is reliant on a fast and secure connection, and although connection speeds of broadband ISPs are generally improving, problems with latency can sometimes result in a reduced quality of the call. Also if you experience a power cut in your home, you will be unable to make any calls on your VoIP phone as its Internet connection has been disabled.

To combat this, some modems are now equipped with chargeable back-up batteries which can temporarily power the modem, making sure that the connection to the Internet remains active. Some business providers of VoIP install dedicated phone connections for VoIP handsets to use in case of a local Internet connection not being available.

Another major disadvantage is in that as the calls on a VoIP are not made on a local line or network, it makes it hard to connect emergency calls to appropriate call centres, although

The number of mobile handsets that currently support VoIP is comparatively small compared with the rest of the mobile phone market, but there is every possibility that commercial versions will become available in the near future. The current providers of VoIP services in the UK are Skype, Vonage, GoogleTalk, BT, and Orange.


Skype is currently the biggest UK VoIP provider. Skype is a software program, available as a secure downloaded from their website, compatible with any computer platform that allows free calls via VoIP to other Skype members and cheap calls to normal landlines via the Internet, whilst also allowing IM, video calling and SMS/texting.

Calls can be made whilst sat at your computer, using a headset, or with a variety of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones (that operate in Wi-Fi hotspots) and cordless handsets available from the Skype website, where credit can also be purchased.


Vonage is a leading provider of VoIP services, and is known simply as ‘the Broadband Phone Company’. Vonage’s Residential Premium Unlimited and Small Business Unlimited calling plans offer consumers unlimited local and long distance calling, and features such as call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail are all inclusive and part of one monthly rate.

Vonage provide phone adapters with their packages which act as interfaces between your modem, router and your phone or handset – this transfers any calls made from the phone line straight to the broadband connection. For customers who do not have a router installed, Vonage have an adapter with a built-in router. Connections are made through an Ethernet Broadband connection, meaning that if you have a BT phone line with a USB modem, this will have to be replaced with an Ethernet modem.


GoogleTalk is similar to Skype in that it exists in the form of a downloadable application that allows users to make free calls to each other over the Internet, typically through a microphone headset. Signing in to GoogleTalk requires you to register for a free GoogleMail email account. Google Talk is currently free, as the program is a beta, and is currently being mass-tested across the Internet.

BT Broadband Talk

Broadband Talk is BT’s entry into the VoIP market, offering free evening and weekend calls, as well as cheap rates for all other times (with unlimited UK calls available for under £5), cheap international rates and a reliable connection, guaranteeing clear reception every time.

New Broadband Talk phone numbers will begin with a ‘05? code and will work over a wired or wireless broadband connection via the BT Home Hub or an existing broadband router. BT Broadband Talk requires a touchtone phone; most corded and cordless phones are compatible, but be sure to check BT’s website to see if you can sign up first. Everything else required for installation is available in the welcome pack.

Similar to Vonage, BT provide customers with phone adapters to link up to their existing connection, with router-less phone adapters for those who do not require a router pre-installed.

Orange Unique Phone

Unique Phone from Orange is the mobile network and broadband company’s converged mobile and VoIP service. Unique Phone handsets operate both on a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) Wi-Fi connection in the home, and the regular mobile network outside.

Much like BT Broadband Talk, Unique Phone allows for calls to be made within the home to other Orange mobiles and landlines for free, as they are routed through the Orange Livebox over an Orange broadband connection. The Livebox is a wireless hub, allowing for six devices (computers, laptops, Unique Phones) to share the same connection.

The Orange Unique Phone is available for £50 a month, and includes all the features provided by Orange’s Unlimited Broadband package, as well as 1300 free mobile minutes.

Broadband ‘unlimited’ misleading

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There is a new petition surfacing on the Prime Minister Petition website.

Many broadband ISP’s (Internet Service providers) are advertising Broadband with ‘Unlimited’ downloads. Yet this is not the truth – the majority of the broadband services being promoted are not unlimited.

Instead the broadband providers tend to hide a ‘fair usage policy’ in their terms and conditions.

  • Some broadband suppliers cap the broadband usage at a defined amount.
  • Other broadband supplier use an undefined criteria that only they know!

To get involved and sign the petition to force Broadband providers to be honest/regulated in their product advertising – visit:

Virgin broadband faster than ever

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Virgin Media is to break broadband speed limits later this year, by doubling the speed of its flagship ‘XL’ cable broadband service from 10Mbps (megabits per second) to up to 20Mbps.

The company says the 100 per cent speed increase will mean an MP3 music track could be downloaded in around two seconds, making the Virgin XL broadband service the fastest widely available home internet connection in Britain.

Virgin added that bandwidth boosting will take place from May 2007 and will coincide with a small price increase on the fastest broadband service, from £35 to £37 per month. Upstream broadband speed will also be increased, to 768Kb, and all Virgin broadband services will continue to offer unlimited downloads and an online security package.

Ernie Cormier, chief commercial officer of Virgin Media, said:

“We want to make entertainment and communications the simple and exciting world it should be, but our technology also means we can offer an ultra-fast broadband service that our competitors can’t match.”

Virgin is favorite to buy Pipex broadband

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Virgin Media is hot favourite to buy broadband company Pipex broadband for about £470m, with a deal possible this week.

Pipex is the sixth largest broadband company in the UK and recently appointed UBS, which holds 18.2% of its equity, to find a buyer. BT broadband , Carphone Warehouse, Orange broadband, Tiscali broadband and Sky broadband have all shown an interest but industry sources suggest that Virgin Media is now odds on favourite to tie up an agreed deal within the next couple of days.

Pipex focuses on the UK consumer broadband market. It is willing to heavily discount its broadband charges for those consumers willing to commit to taking bundled services on 12 or 18 month contracts. It is Pipex’s domain name registration business that is lacking in Pipex broadband’s rivals and therefore proving to be a key-factor in the purchase negotiations.

If the deal goes ahead, Virgin media will face a regulatory probe. If Virgin, which has 3.3m internet customers buys Pipex broadband it would add 570,000 more customers and would then walk into a regulatory storm over its market share. Virgin is already the largest internet provider in the country, but acquiring more customers through the Pipex deal –whose customers are carried on BT lines – could be investigated by the Office of Fair Trading.

In a bid to avoid a referral, Virgin would argue that its business provided over cable networks is not part of the same market. If they go down that road, there is a real ‘gotcha’ for the likes of Carphone and BT because of the open network issue.

Rival bidders for Pipex, including The Carphone Warehouse, BSkyB and BT, say they cannot compete fairly with Virgin because it does not have to open up its cable network to them. BT and The Carphone Warehouse are pushing Ofcom to make Virgin let rivals use its network so they could win customers from Virgin without installing new phone lines.

The Pipex sale has also raised speculation about the future of Sardinia-based Tiscali, which has two million UK broadband customers. now indexed on Google

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WOW it has only taken 4 days to get my new broadband domain indexed on Google. (so much for the sandbox)

The power of blogs! This site has been crawled by Google-bot since day 1. Google has been popping into the Go-broadband blog to say hello every few hours. On day 1 I also subscribed up to the FREE edtion of Feedburner and that has been pumping out my bolgs to the wider world. I noticed Technorati in Feedburner’s list of blogging sites so I popped over there too.

I have now signed-up to Technorati and today noted that my original post on the Google-indexing topic has been picked up and tagged up under ‘indexing‘ on their website. Come find me at technorati at

Anyway – seems like it has only taken a further 3 days for Google to wonder off my blog and onto the intended target over at

This means I can now move this index off blogspot and onto Well thats the plan – if I can figure out the Blogger FTP system.

Well it should be straight-forward enough. Shouldn’t it?

Tiscali broadband – new £15/month ‘Broadband + TV offer’

March 24, 2007 by  

Tiscali Broadband + TV for £14.99

Tiscali broadband has revealed its latest plans for its broadband service. Following the acquisition of the pioneering Homechoice IPTV service in August 2006, Tiscali broadband has launched a national roll out of Tiscali TV .

Tiscali broadband + TV launched on 1 March 2007 when over 40,000 Homechoice subscribers will become part of Tiscali broadband. Their customers will immediately benefit from the new competitive offer of broadband plus TV for £14.99.

Tiscali broadband + TV is currently available in London and Stevenage but will be available outside London in Birmingham, Edinburgh and Newcastle during April and May 2007, and in areas of Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool by mid 2007. By the end of 2007 Tiscali TV will be available to a footprint of over 10 million UK homes. The roll out will continue through 2008 and the broadband + TV service will be available to Tiscali’s entire unbundled local loop network by the end of 2008.

The Tiscali broadband + TV pack offers consumers over 30 digital TV channels including all of the free digital channels from the BBC, Channel 4, Five and ITV, including E4, BBC Three, fiveUS and ITV2, also a ‘Replay or Catch-up’ service allowing subscribers to watch over 50 hours of key BBC programmes up to seven days after they have been broadcast, and access to a further 100 hours of on-demand programming including complete series of Dr. Who, Friends, Sex and the City and Prime Suspect. Tiscali broadband + TV is free to all subscribers who buy the 2Mb broadband product in Tiscali broadband + TV enabled areas. Subscribers can also access over 1000 movies on demand to watch instantly with prices ranging from £1.99 to £3.49 per movie.

In addition subscribers can upgrade to the ‘Big Pack’ adding an extra 25 channels and 1000 hours of on-demand TV programmes. They can also choose the award-winning Music or Kids packs which include VMX with 5000 music videos and Scamp the exclusive pre-school channel. Tiscali broadband + TV has the most on-demand content available from one provider.

Tiscali will also offer the UK’s best value ‘triple play’ package. For £19.99 the customer will get 2Mb broadband, the TV pack, line rental and free weekend telephone calls. This compares favourably with the entry-level cable triple play package at £30.

The company will also launch a new set top box in July 2007, with a 160Gb, Hi-Definition enabled, personal video recorder (PVR), allowing subscribers to record any shows they choose and watch in Hi-Definition if they have an HD TV.

Mary Turner, Chief Executive Tiscali UK:

“Tiscali TV will give our subscribers real value for money, choice and flexibility – things that are core to our brand values. We believe there is a real gap in the market for our TV product. The success of Freeview has shown that customers want more than five channels but don’t necessarily want to pay a high monthly subscription. Our TV service gives customers broadband plus the channel choice they want and free on-demand programming, all for the price you would pay for a standard broadband connection”.

Tiscali broadband + TV is delivered into your house via a landline broadband connection so there’s no need for cabling or a satellite dish on your building. All you need is a phone line to the house. As at March 2007, Tiscali Broadband with the TV option will cost £14.99 per month

Orange broadband network problems

March 22, 2007 by  

Orange broadband experienced problems over the weekend, but says only a small percentage of customers were affected and the service is now up and running again.

An Orange broadband spokesperson released the following statement:

“Orange can confirm that a broadband network outage occurred for less than an hour on the evenings of Sunday 18 March and Monday 19 March. The outage affected just under three per cent of our broadband customer base, and we are currently working with our suppliers to rectify the fault. We apologise to those customers affected.”

But according to Orange broadband’s online help page:

“Customers in Liverpool, Newcastle, Tannockside and Cardiff may be experiencing intermittent disconnections or slow browsing due to a known network issue. This is a known fault which is currently under investigation.”

5 reasons to use Madasafish broadband

March 22, 2007 by  

1. Customer Service Focus

Madasafish broadband are not a Service Provider that puts all their work into acquiring new customers and forgets about them as soon as they’ve signed up. Quite the opposite. They focus on providing an excellent service at all times. On the rare occasions when things do go wrong, They take personal responsibility for sorting them out.

2. Honesty and transparency

Madasafish broadband are completely transparent and honest when describing their package offerings. When you don’t have anything to hide it’s quite an easy policy to follow. They don’t say ‘unlimited’ and mean ‘so long as you don’t use it much’. They don’t say ‘free’ and mean ‘so long as you pay us lots of money for another service They provide’.

broadband are members of The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) and They abide by the ISPA UK Code. They are one of the first companies to sign Ofcom’s Broadband Industry migration code of practice which ensures fair treatment for customers who want to change broadband service provider. their focus is simply to provide top quality phone and Internet services.

3. Fanatical About Support

Whether you’re a Windows PC or Mac user, their technicians are fully trained to help you resolve any problems or queries you might have. And Madasafish broadband are here 24 htheirs a day, every day of the year, if you need us.

4. Value for money

Madasafish broadband services come with free connection and a free router. Monthly fees start at just £11.99 a month for speeds up to 8Mb. Switch your phone line rental to Madasafish for just £9.99 a month and you’ll get free evening and Theyekend calls. Includes excellent call rates to mobiles and international destinations.

5. Award winning broadband

They don’t like blowing their own trumpets (in fact there isn’t even a trumpet owner amongst us) but the last 12 months has been quite exciting for us. They’ve had to dust off their tuxedos and evening dresses on several occasions to go and take the plaudits.

At the 2007 Internet Service Provider Awards (or ISPAs, as they’re affectionately known) They received the award for “Best Consumer Email”. ISPA said;

“the judges felt that Madasafish’s email security and reliability reflects the vital role email now plays for consumers. The ease by which consumers are able to navigate Madasafish’s email interface using key commands was seen as a great feature.”

At the 2006 ISPAs Madasafish was the overall winner in the ‘Best Heavy Consumer Broadband’ category. An ISPA spokesperson said,

“The judges considered Madasafish to offer a great product which represents real value for money.” The judges also applauded Madasafish for offering an inclusive broadband service, which supports both Apple Mac and PC users.

The 2006 PC Pro Awards saw Madasafish Highly Commended in the ‘Best Broadband ISP’ category. The PC Pro awards Theyre voted for by the magazine’s readers. Madasafish was Highly Commended in both the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and ‘Best Buy’ categories of the PC Advisor Broadband Awards. Again, based on the feedback of thousands of readers, these commendations really reflect their commitment to Customer Service and value for money.

Madasafish broadband grows since broadband MAC became mandatory

March 22, 2007 by  

Madasafish Broadband has reported a 30% increase in the number of broadband customers switching to their service since the change in regulations governing consumers’ rights in switching broadband providers.

On 14th February 2007, the industry regulator Ofcom made it mandatory for an ISP to issue a Migrations Authorisation Code (MAC) to broadband customers wanting to switch to an alternative broadband supplier. In the month following this decision, Madasafish broadband has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of customers migrating into their broadband service, with the number of new subscribers to the service increasing by almost a third from previous monthly sign-up figures.

Matthew Henton, Head of Marketing at Madasafish broadband said,

“It’s becoming clear under the new rules that ISPs which consistently ignore satisfaction levels and provide poor customer service are now being punished as consumers vote with their mouse – so to speak – and switch to better performing providers. We applaud Ofcom’s decision to enforce the MAC scheme as it gives broadband users the ability to change providers easily. ISPs with poor levels of customer satisfaction were typically not providing MAC codes, or even charging for them, because they had most to lose.”

Although many broadband ISPs, including Madasafish, had previously followed the voluntary scheme to make switching easy, some providers had simply refused to play fair. This forced Ofcom to act in the interests of broadband consumers and make the migration scheme compulsory.

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