Madasafish is a good broadband choice

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Madasafish Broadband is one of the best ISPs in the UK. They are open and helpful – one of their aims is to be as “transparent and honest as possible” with Madasafish growing to be a reliable and trusted UK provider.

Great customer service and 24/7 support

Madasafish dedication to customer services is completely refreshing in an industry where customer satisfaction ratings are normally low. If you have any problems with your broadband you can be safe in the knowledge that any problems you do come across will be promptly dealt with; Madasafish provide tech support for both PC and Mac users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Also, their customer services team aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Good for people new to broadband

Madasafish are devoted to making access to the internet simple, safe and straightforward – they are the perfect broadband choice for someone that is relatively new to broadband and the internet. They even send out their wireless broadband modems pre-configured so that your broadband pretty much works out of the box with very little set up.

People who are new to broadband or feel that they will be in neeg good support really should consider Madasafish.

Great for people who use their broadband a lot

However, Madasafish also support high usage broadband customers that like to send and receive photos and other large files, download movies and play multi-player online games. If you plan to use your broadband a lot the check out the awards that Madasafish have won below.

Awards aren’t always everything but, Madasafish has won their share….

Awards Madasafish have won

  • Best Heavy Consumer Broadband” at the 2006 UK Internet Industry Award
  • Best Consumer email” at the 2007 ISPAwards

Awards Madasafish were Highly Commended for…

  • Best Broadband ISP” category at the PC Pro Awards
  • Customer Satisfaction” at the PC Advisor Broadband Awards
  • Best Buy” at the PC Advisor Broadband Awards

Sign-up today …

If you think that madasafish broadband is the one for you, then follow the link to the Madasafish Broadband website and get a £10 off your first broadband bill.

UPDATE: You can now receive £15 OFF your Madasafish broadband. Just click the Go Broadband – Madasafish discount link and you will get £15 OFF. Alternatively, visit our sister site at Mac broadband on this link Madasafish and use their discount deal.


One Response to “Madasafish is a good broadband choice”

  1. Richard Bacchus on November 5th, 2008 10:45 pm

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree completely with this assesment of this company. I signed up to globalnet in 1997 and so ended up with maaf, I signed up for their broadband package last December and everything was great, so I had my phone line rental with them as well. But, since September the service has been pathetic, with down load speeds sometimes being slower than dial up! These slow speeds have happened five times since September. Then the phone line, this started to get noisier and noisier and now I have no phone line at all, no dial tone and so unable to make or receive calls. The standard response from maaf is that it’s a problem your end, so off you go and buy new filters, cables etc, but of course the problem is with them. So I haven’t taken their advice to get a new phone and have instead cancelled my line rental and I’m counting down the time until my contract is up and I can ditch this utterly useless company completely.
    I’d advise anyone and everyone to avoid madasafish like the proverbial plague, if my experience is anything to go by, they won’t be long for this world anyway.

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