Mobile broadband growth

July 3, 2008 by  

Sales of mobile broadband dongles are soaring. All the major mobile broadband providers in the UK are now offering broadband on the go. Because the costs of mobile broadband are much cheaper, UK customers are leaving their landline based broadband providers in droves.

The estimated migration rate of customers joining the mobile broadband revolution has been put as high as 50,000 new UK mobile broadband users per month. Now that sounds like an over-estimation to us at Go Broadband, but, the mobile broadband providers must be doing something right!

Why choose mobile broadband

The reason so many UK internet users are choosing to use mobile broadband over traditional, landine connection appears to be:

The price – mobile broadband contracts are significantly cheaper than landline connection. Mobile broadband prices start from as liitle as £10 per month (3 broadband’s pay-as-you-go service called “broadband on the go”).

The flexibility – most mobile broadband providers offer pay-as-you-go services and billing. This is great for users that don’t want to budget for a 12 month contract.

Mobile broadband – you can use a mobile broadband dongle anywhere you can receive a mobile phone reception. This means you can use the broadband service while you are on the move (even on a train or bus – think how your mobile phone normally remains connected if you are not moving too quickly).

Rural Broadband – Not everyone has the privalege of super-fast urban broadbnd speeds. Those that live out in rural areas or the the wilds of the UK, are often located too far from a BT exchange to get fast broadband connections. Often mobile broadband is the solution.

What is a Mobile dongle?

Very simple. It is a USB dongle that plugs into your computer – just like a USB pen. The broadband dongle has a mobile phone SIM card in it. The dongle allows you to connect to the mobile internet from anywhere you can receive a mobile phone reception.

Mobile broadband guide

July 1, 2008 by  

I have produced a series of guides to help you find our about mobile broadband and whether you should throw in your BT connection. The mini guides will be added to frequently. If there is anything in particular that you would like to read or see then please leave a comment on this post.

Current Mobile broadband guides:

Wifi broadband guides:

Broadband on the go

May 22, 2008 by  

Broadband on the go‘ is one of the new marketing straplines of Three (3). Other versions I have seen advertised for Three (3) include ‘play as you go‘ and Mobile Broadband without a contract ‘Just pay as go‘.

3’s broadband product really appeals to those on the move – mobile workers, students and people renting accomodation. Paying BT £10 per month for a permanent landlind connection can feel like both, a rip-off, and be tie-ing the user to one spot. With 3’s mobile broadband dongle and service you can set yourself free.

Work from where you want to work. Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.